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How Mr. Wonderful Built His Wealth

ABC’s Shark Tank fulfills the fantasies for thousands of viewers in that coming up with an idea to start a business will be funded and successful. One of the sharks, Kevin O’Leary or “Mr. Wonderful” is the Simon Cowell of the show. He offers cold blooded evaluations of the ideas and products presented in front of him. His offers are never simple, like the other sharks offer. His offers are filled with royalties and fees, which is why he doesn’t close many deals on the show. He knows his money though, which is why when he makes a deal it’s almost a sure shot.

His persona on the show is why he’s a wildly successful businessman. He’s mastered turning money into more money. So how did he build his wealth? What industries was/is he involved in?

Early Days Of Technology

O’Leary predicted early on that tech would be a massive industry. So in the 80’s, he founded a company known as Softkey, based in Toronto Canada. The company packaged CD’s and Floppy Disks (if you can remember what those are!)

Children’s Educational Tools

If you watch Shark Tank you’ll know Mr. Wonderful isn’t too wonderful towards kid’s products, however he bought The Learning Channel. The made educational computer games. He absorbed the company to Softkey then sold off to Matel for a whooping 3 Billion dollars. Soon after, it was a disaster of an investment.

Managing Investments

His next investment was a cold storing facility known as Storage Now. Now, it’s the third largest of it’s kind in Canada. He also founded The O’Leary Group, which is an asset management firm.

TV Fame

As we all know, Mr. Wonderful is a TV Star on Shark Tank, which was formerly known as Dragon’s Den. This enabled him to leverage his fame to buy into companies created by others.

He’s An Author

Like most successful people, he’s written a few books. In his second book he gives people advice on “how to spot a gold digger”, but enough jokes aside he gives great advice on wealth management.

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